Monday, November 20, 2006


Then they dropped all the sun-like left-side function keys. This provoked uproar among the potential buyers (who are, of course, all alpha geeks with religious positions on keyboard details), so it seems they may have changed their

I’ve also seen no mention of support for anything other than windows or mac for the devices that they have released.

There are some positives:

Optimus 103 keyboard will be a mass storage device. That means, that Optimus
will be the first (to the best of our knowledge) keyboard to appear on a
desktop just like a hard disk or a flash drive. Among the benefits of this
solution is that we won’t have to create any drivers (except for the
OS-dependent Configurator software). Layouts could be put right into the
keyboard’s storage.

Which is kinda cool.

Will it be worth the ~USD400 price tag? We’ll have to wait and see what other compromises have been made.

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