Monday, November 20, 2006

Making packages

Following Eric Boutilier's latest two posts on packaging and a conversation on #opensolaris, I was interested enough to try pkgbuild for myself. Of course, I'd forgotten about his earlier series of posts on the topic, so I'd forgotten the connection to JDS.

As a result, I started making packages without the JDS CBE (Common build environment). But it's worked pretty well. For example, on a standard Solaris 10 installation (03/05 for me, but anything should work):

  • PATH=$PATH:/usr/sfw/bin:/usr/ccs/bin export PATH
  • Download the pkgbuild tool from
  • Unpack and install with a standard command ./configure && make && make install
  • Grab this spec file for ruby-1.8.5 that I knocked up with the help of Eric's posts and Redhat's docs.
  • As a non-root user run pkgtool --download --define="_prefix /opt/mypkgs" build-only ruby.spec
  • Wait :)
It should create a ~/packages directory, download the source file with wget, compile it, build a package and put it in ~/packages/PKGS.

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